im. Książąt Marii i Włodzimierza Czetwertyńskich

About Us


The “Prometeusz dla Seniorów” Foundation established by Albert Światopełk-Czetwertyński by notarial deed on 21 July 2010, became a legal entity when it was registered in the National Court Register in 2011.

The objectives of the Foundation and the methods employed to achieve them, its assets and revenues and its authorities are defined in the Statue of the Foundation.

The Światopełk-Czetwertyńskis are one of the oldest aristocratic families, tracing their ancestry back to a very remote past. The Czetwertyńskis, a family of Ruthenian princes, are the direct descendants of Ruryk, a legendary ruler of Kiev in the 9th century.

Over the centuries, the Czetwertyńskis produced many outstanding and prominent individuals. One such eminent representative of the family was prince Włodzimierz (1837–1918), a great patriot exiled to Siberia, political and social activist, protector of Uniates from Podlasie persecuted by the tsarist government, and president of the Warsaw Charitable Society. In all his undertakings, particularly those connected with his charitable work, he was actively supported by his wife, princess Maria née countess Uruska (1853–1931).

To preserve the memory of their noble life and extraordinary achievements, the great-grandson of Maria and Włodzimierz, prince Albert Światopełk-Czetwertyński, decided to dedicate the “Prometeusz dla Seniorów” Foundation to them.

Let their life’s work serve as inspiration and model for all who understand and feel what an important, even inalienable part of humanity is to help those who need help most.

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