im. Książąt Marii i Włodzimierza Czetwertyńskich

Support for the elderly in the Foundation’s care

Since its inception, the Foundation has provided aid to seniors in a difficult financial situation, without the means to cover the necessities.


In 2011, we spent over 27 thousand PLN on various needs of the elderly in our care, including 9 thousand PLN on Christmas and Easter food parcels.


In 2012, we spent almost 58 thousand PLN, including more than 7.5 thousand PLN on Easter and Christmas parcels and the traditional Christmas meal. This shows a considerable growth in comparison to the previous year.


The spendings on support for our seniors increased further in 2013: we spent 68.5 thousand PLN altogether. The Foundation allocated more than 3.6 thousand PLN to Easter parcels and more than 6 thousand PLN to Christmas parcels and meal.


The total amount spent on aid to our seniors in 2014 exceeded 48 thousand PLN. Additional means allocated to the Easter and Christmas actions amounted to 9 thousand PLN.


In 2015, the majority of our expenditures covered the purchase of medicines for the elderly in our care. Their aggregate cost exceeded 41 thousand PLN. We paid for a total of 335 prescriptions! We grant this form of aid to people who often lack sufficient means to dispense their prescriptions and buy the medicines they need to stay alive. Unfortunately, the expenses for that cause are growing at a staggering pace.


Almost 38 thousand PLN were spent on covering rent and utilities such as gas and electricity. We have paid more than 300 bills our seniors could not afford since the beginning of the year.


The third category of aid, to which we have allotted approximately 4 thousand PLN, are other expenses, such as food or other forms of support.


The Easter and Christmas actions cost the Foundation around 7 thousand PLN in 2015. In addition, we obtained a large portion of foodstuffs from the company INDYKPOL S.A. and thanks to charity collections organized by our dear supporters. We could present approximately 170 individuals with Christmas and Easter parcels.


2015 was an absolutely record-breaking year in terms of outreach to seniors: all our expenses amounted to as much as 90 thousand PLN!


The only thing we could anticipate was for 2016 to be a very busy year for our Foundation. And it happened… but let us tell you more about our current activities later on.


It is thanks to you, dear Donors, that our Foundation was in a position to expand the scale and scope of its support to the elderly facing serious financial problems.


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