im. Książąt Marii i Włodzimierza Czetwertyńskich

Why do we help?

Our activity involves supporting pensioners, elderly people deprived of adequate resources, who receive state pensions and disability benefits that are insufficient to ensure a decent existence. These benefits are often too scarce to cover even basic needs, such as food, ever more expensive medicines, rent or utilities.


That is why we endeavour to help the poorest, paying for their rent and essential utilities, such as electricity or gas, or buying them their medicines. We offer as much help as is needed and as we can afford.


Our activities are centred in Warsaw, so that we can visit every person who requests our support.


Apart from financial aid, we offer the persons in our care legal support. As the need arises, we organize meetings with our partner lawyer for people in a difficult legal situation who cannot afford expensive legal advice.


Another form of our activity is giving the needy Christmas and Easter parcels. Those who are not able to pick them up by themselves due to health issues have their parcels delivered to their homes. Additionally, we organize a Christmas meal at the Foundation’s office.


Supporting the elderly in our care requires adequate funds. Collecting them is the Foundation’s essential objective. Until recently, we limited ourselves to sending letters requesting support for our seniors and to visiting people from whom we could expect donations for that purpose. Currently we are introducing new forms of fund raising, for instance by sending information materials to our friends and acquaintances in Poland and abroad and by participating in various activities. We enjoy the support of businesses, private persons and groups of individuals. We are grateful for any assistance – without it, we would not be in a position to aid the most needy.


We would like to invite all interested parties – companies, organizations and private individuals alike – to support our Foundation!

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